Chris! (chris_sirhc) wrote in lololol_sf,


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He can stop lying and calling my house seven times a day. *nod*

I don't understand what happens with me and the KFC box. Is there a string coming out of my head?! XD

Everything is Tom Cruise's fault!! *cry*
Uh, string out of head works? Its suppose to be tied around your neck but its hard to draw things on your neck when your hair and the thing are the same color D:

poor tom cruise ):
Forreal. I say we make a real-life video version of one of your comics soon. We just need to find a ghetto black person (or a black person in general), a substitute Wales (don't really want to put up with him in real-life), and a Jesus.

Si, I'd thought of that, but I'd be very picky as to who plays my characters and stuff :/