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forewarning: If you are easily offended by crude humor, racism, homophobia, stereotypes, and anything else like that: .LEAVE. Because there's lots of that. Please remember that this is all for comical purpose. It's all to laugh at and nothing serious. Real racism and stuff suxx0rz lyk woah. ~*you have been waaaaaarned*~

Welcome to LololoL StickFigure, a webcomic made and ran by chris_sirhc. He made all of this...well, I made all of this, cause I am him and he is me. Yay me! And if I was hxc enough to know how to do the little C in a circle, I would so do that.
Anyway, this is a webcomic I draw at school and during my free time about six very special people, done in a reality tv form. (<3 Drawn Together)

xAllynx - The Horny Emo Child - Life sucks, cutting feels good, and the whole world is your sex toy! She's ovbsessive, wears a plaid skirt and a nurse hat, and is far too kinky.

xchrisx - The Non-Race White Kid - He doesn't get a race since he makes fun of everyone and everything, but he's still white. He's the only white person with some form of common sense and usually saves the day matrix style.

xEric-kunx - The AZN Thing - The lovable, huggable, Eric-kun! Who doesn't love Eric-kun?! From his fluffy ears, his pikachu!tail, and his ability to shoot crazy energy beams, he's nothing but fluffy fun. Too bad he smells like kimchi.

xJesusx - JESUS - It's Jesus, DUH. The Son of God who really needs to get out more. He gets left out a lot and probably has some ridalin in his floral patterned purse, but he can still be fun. Just don't let him sleep on the good sheets when it's his "time."

xShanequax - The Sassy Black Person - Shanequa is all up in durr. Don't mess with this ghetto fine bitch or she'll bust a cap up yo cracka white ass with her automated machine gun.

xWalesx - The Idiotic White - 100% white. He's dumb and sees everything with a closed mind. But don't hate him for it! It's the 4985743789685924 tentacles that his mom has hidden in her vagina that has forced him to learn this way. Don't ask him what a vegan is.

secondary characters

x. -Mr. Jenkins: The goat man thing. He has two sides, and both of them hate black people. One side is calm and monotome while the other is wild and eats children.
x. -Caroline: She's hardxcore at tennis and probably smarter than you.
x. -Pots: Antranny's bffl. He likes running to where it's weird and has too much hair.
x. -Antranny: Pots' bffl. Over sensitive and AZN. That's all.
x. -Krupa: That random Indian. She smells and mushrooms sprout out of her. Maybe that's why she's pissed off all the time.

xYou'll probably notice a lot of references to these genius shows: Drawn Together, South Park, Family Guy, American Dad, and Futurama. All these shows kick amazing ass and their creators are geniuses. Drawn Together and their creators should be worshipped.

If you see any pictures, comics, banners, etc that are dead (exceeded bandwidth and stuff like that), please tell me through comment or email so I can fix it. Comics aren't funny if you can't see them

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HEY ALL YOU ANGST-WHORES. - All characters and events in these comics are pure fiction, even those resembling real people/real events. (and wtf if you look like a stick figure.)

All comics, banners, pictures, characters, etc made by me. © Chris Barnes